About Us

Jaguar Communications, Inc. was founded in 1999 by a group of seven forward-minded people with the intent to provide advanced telecommunications services to a six-county area of Southeastern Minnesota. Today, these advanced telecommunications services are better known as high speed internet, or broadband; and, they can deliver the world to your doorstep with lightning speed.

The early Jaguar team researched and designed the fastest network available — a fiber optic network. Ahead of its time, the company built its network around two main themes: speed and non-obsolescence.

Fiber optic networks are designed for speed. Fiber networks can handle any sort of data traffic; and, Jaguar’s system is designed for large amounts of data running very fast. Jaguar recognized early on that the most efficient network design was a Passive Optical Network (PON).  Its technical team was on the leading edge of incorporating fiber networks into data transmission—so much so, that Jaguar’s people were often working with design engineers throughout the industry to assist with hardware design and requirements.  Their contribution helped to move the industry away from technology that was headed toward being obsolete and to move it forward toward the current network style. The current industry-standard network architecture allows for enhanced integration and improved fiber networks by allowing up to 64 customers to be connected to a single strand of fiber without compromising anything in terms of network speed or quality. Today, because of industry leaders including Jaguar, it is feasible to offer incredible network speed for most small or medium sized business and high-end home users. Additionally, Jaguar is easily able to provide larger bandwidth to users that require speeds up to one gigabit. Businesses continue to need more bandwidth to grow and adapt to new technologies, and Jaguar easily grows with its customers’ needs. It serves many businesses that use cutting-edge technology by providing increased bandwidth for those customers without having to upgrade either the fiber or the equipment running the customers’ current networks.  This unique ability separates Jaguar from the competition. Jaguar has the only 100% fiber network in Minnesota and so nothing gets in the way of its customers receiving high speed, high content, undisturbed performance.

Jaguar spent nearly three years building and perfecting its network, and began working with its first customers in the summer of 2002, delivering exciting new service and speed. Since then, Jaguar has continued to be an industry leader in delivering broadband telecommunication services as its fiber optic network ring has expanded.  The connection of homes and businesses directly to the fiber optic network, often referred to as a Fiber-to-the-Premises (“FTTP”) or Fiber-to-the-Home (“FTTH”) connection, allows Jaguar’s customers to have the power and speed of a fiber optic network literally delivered to their doorsteps. Jaguar continues to be a leader in the fiber optic deployment and networking fields. The network currently in place has positioned the company for expanded growth well into the future.

Each year, Jaguar overlays new communities with fiber optic cable, bringing the wonder of fiber optics to thousands of homes and businesses that would not have otherwise benefitted from the use of fiber.  Today, the vision of Jaguar’s early development team continues as Jaguar, with nearly 1000 miles of fiber optic cable in the ground, serves customers in 13 counties and reaches several more.  The network includes approximately 410 miles of mainline, 435 miles of distribution lines, and almost 200 miles of fiber connecting the lines to customer homes and businesses along its path.   Jaguar serves customers of all sizes, ranging from farm houses in rural Minnesota to Fortune 500 companies, operating out of a specially-designed, state-of-the-art data center on Jaguar’s campus in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Wherever you are, Jaguar has over 50 employees waiting to personally serve you. No other company provides the most advanced technology combined with the personalized service that customers get from the business next door. Jaguar’s guiding principle is that its most valuable asset is the customers it serves; and, Jaguar stands behind that principle in everything that it does. It brought Jaguar to where it is today, and it will lead Jaguar into the future.