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Jaguar Communications is proud to bring fiber optic services to your community. Connecting homes directly to a fiber optic network (Fiber-to-the-home or FTTH) has become the leading technology for the next generation of communication networks worldwide. FTTH is quickly replacing legacy copper and coaxial networks. When you connect to Jaguar’s fiber service, you will be connecting to lightning speed. Fiber speeds can reach in excess of 100 Mbps. Whether you are watching your favorite movie, surfing the net, gaming over the internet, downloading music and videos, or telecommuting, Jaguar offers the fastest, most reliable service available.

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All features plus up to 1000 Minutes of long distance


Up to 1 Gig. Guaranteed!


Over 300 channels
HD & DVR options

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We have our telecommunication products in a variety of communities. Please call or email for the best product and price for your household.