bigstock-Telephone-Keypad-Detail-42897307In today’s business climate, it is crucial to have affordable and efficient communication services. That is why so many businesses are switching their internet and phone service to Jaguar Communications. We are a local communications company offering BIG SAVINGS for local businesses. Our complete communications service will save you money while providing you with the quality you deserve. Jaguar provides fiber optics allowing a communications signal to travel with the speed of light from its origin all the way to your business in an instant. Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) brings the power of a fiber optic network to your door, replacing copper infrastructure like telephone wires and coaxial cable. With bandwidths that eclipse traditional cable systems, FTTP enables users to enjoy more powerful and robust video, internet, and telephone services.  FTTP networks are now available. Currently only 15 percent of home and businesses across North America are connected directly to high-speed, high-bandwidth fiber networks; but, thousands more connections are being made every day.  


Multiple Features for One Low Price

Jaguar Communications will customize your business phone service for your specific business needs. Whether you need just one line or 100 lines, Jaguar can provide a plan just for you! Jaguar can customize line packages, unlimited local calling plans, additional long distance packages, and many popular business calling and voice mail features.





Complete Telecommunications Services

Jaguar offers all businesses a choice of Internet access solutions with a variety of download speeds. Our telecommunications solutions can grow as your business grows. Customers can access 24/7 support from Jaguar’s Business Technology Support Group.

FTTP revolutionizes broadband use for consumers:

  • Only Jaguar Communication offers customers the fastest internet connection without limitations.
  • Jaguar’s customers benefit from speed and so much more! Fiber networks have a virtually unlimited capacity to carry large files–including streaming movies and music, on-line gaming, and sending photographs and medical images. It is ideal for multimedia programming to support distance learning. Fiber shatters the limitations of traditional cable systems.

FTTP is good for communities because:

  • It is the best broadband option, with untouchable speed and virtually limitless capacity.
  • It provides consumers with state-of-the-art network infrastructure.
  • It benefits consumers by delivering a superior entertainment experience along with essential services like telemedicine and distance learning.
  • It benefits businesses by enabling them to provide exceptional technological service to build customer loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.
  • It helps communities attract employers offering good jobs with solid wages, along with enhancing community offerings for telecommuting, telemedicine, and distance learning options.

Jaguar is proud to bring you fiber optic services.

Connecting businesses directly to fiber optic networks enables enormous improvements in the bandwidth available to consumers. Fiber optic technology can provide two-way transmission speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. Additionally, customers can benefit from fiber optic technological enhancement without replacing existing fiber, while traditional cable modem and DSL providers are struggling to squeeze additional bandwidth out of existing technology.  Fiber optic systems “future-proof” networks by allowing them to seize future technological growth without requiring them to be rebuilt.