From the time you wake up in the morning until your head hits your pillow at the end of the day,
you expect that your technology will work. Your TV will work, your internet will work,
your phone will work — reliably and fast when you need it. Our commitment is that it will.

Founded in 1999 by a group of seven forward-minded individuals, Jaguar Communications was created with the intent to provide advanced telecommunications to Southeastern Minnesota. The early Jaguar team researched and designed the fastest network available, a fiber optic network, bringing the region technology that was truly ahead of its time. Three years were spent perfecting the technology, and in 2002 we began delivering new levels of speed and reliability to our first customers.

Since then, Jaguar has continued to be an industry leader in delivering broadband telecommunication services as our fiber optic network ring has expanded. Today, the vision of Jaguar’s early development team continues as Jaguar, with just over 2,000 miles of fiber optic cable in the ground, serves customers in 13 counties and reaches several more.


We’re here to ensure you’re always ahead of the game and never left behind. Operating out of our state-of-the-art data center on our Jaguar campus in Owatonna, Minnesota, we work hard to deliver the region’s cutting-edge technology. From our fiber networks to GigaCenter solutions to hosted phone, we are always searching for the latest technology advancements to bring to our customers. From Fortune 500 companies to rural farmhouses, let us be your connection to the world.

At Jaguar, our commitment to community extends to our relationships with local healthcare, banking, and educational entities. In each of these instances, the reliability and speed of their networks, communications, and connections are critical and essential. As they create the backbone of our communities, Jaguar Communications is proud to be a partner that they can rely on and trust with their most significant data and technology needs.


Rarely, if ever, do we hear customers brag about their service provider. We’re committed to changing that and to providing an experience you’ll want to share with your friends. From your service to your account, our customer service team is here to serve all your needs 24/7, 365 days a year.


Optical fiber is a hair-thin strand of glass using light instead of electricity to carry a digital signal. A dedicated line, not a shared network, fiber carries high bandwidth signals over long distances without degradation, providing signals simultaneously in both directions — upload and download. DSL and cable modems rely on copper wire and can only deliver high bandwidth over short distances. In the age of video over the internet, cloud computing applications, and streaming, fiber keeps pace with the bandwidth these applications of the future require.

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Jaguar’s future-proof fiber network provides the most reliable service our region has to offer, addressing many of the factors that cause cable-based copper networks to experience outages and struggle with interference such as weather, if a connection issue does arise for some reason, there is a good chance that our technical staff will see it and fix it before you even notice.

We are now able to offer you additional levels of reliability and security with our state-of-the-art data center. Here, we house network equipment and servers as well as having space for Jaguar’s customers and carrier partners to co-locate their equipment. Knowing that your files are stored in multiple locations under secure, climate controlled conditions brings the next level of peace of mind.

“A year-ago our bank’s critical communications network was slow, suffered outages on a regular basis, and we were extremely frustrated by the lack of focus and attention we received from our vendor. We invited Jaguar Communications to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our communications network, and to see if we could get better service than we were receiving from our vendor at the time. They sent their project manager and a highly-skilled technical team out right away, quickly completed the assessment, and provided us with real, actionable changes to support our fast-growing bank and to help us create a great experience for our customers. They have been a valuable business partner and integral part of our team. Riverland Bank is expanding and opening a branch in the Twin Cities Metro, and our first call was to Jaguar to wire and connect us to our customers. I strongly recommend Jaguar Communications to any business owner looking for thoughtful innovation, and top-tier customer service in fiber communications.”
– Richard H., CEO, Riverland Bank